Brian's Page

My name is Brian Thomas Fuller.  I was born on November 17, 1961, in Covington, Ky, the son of Thomas Preston Fuller and Carol Jean Leland.

I lived in Taylor Mill, Ky with my mom and step-father, Philip Ambrose Wagner, from age 8 until I moved out following my marriage to Amy Michele Toebbe. 

My father lived, not too far away, in Independence with his second wife, Geri.

I have 1 sister, Shelly and 1 brother Todd.  I have 5 sisters Torre, Terri, Julie, Allison and Ashley from my mother's second marriage and 1 sister, Linda, from my father's second marriage.

I have worked in the IT area since graduating from college.  In 2009, I marked 25 years of employment with Great American Ins Co. in Cincinnati, OH. 

I also work a part-time job for McHales Hospitality Group, managing banquet events (usually weddings on the weekends).

In 1995, I started a genealogy hobby.  See the Genealogy link to learn more about this. 

You can contact me via email at